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    I was inspired to name this "place" by Andy Warhol's place of creation (The Factory). Andy would invite intellectuals, prominent drag queens, playwrights, and influential musicians throughout NYC to this cultural hub of his. Andy's goal was to create a collective community of like-minded individuals who saw the world from a radically different perspective from conservative 60s American Culture. As a result of creating this space, Andy was able to expand past his previous creative reach of just making pop art. Eventually he was able to make and showcase everything from photo galleries, live performance art, experimental films, and avant-grade rock concerts (like the Velvet Underground).

    I've always considered myself a "jack of all trades". I have lot of interests and perspectives in my life but I never felt I was proficient in anything to a greater extent (maybe that's my lack of self-confidence). I want this site to be a digital manifestiation of my mind and to showcases all my "trades", my thoughts, my interests, my troubles, my ambition, and in time my humanity in this digital realm. I relate to Andy's goal in wanting to create a space that solidified his artistic desire to do more then what he could previously do and ultimately to showcase who he really was.

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